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Lawrence Kim

I am a final year Ph.D student in Shape Lab at Stanford University, advised by Sean Follmer. I received my MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I also worked at Facebook building 8 (thru Pro Unlimited) with Ali Israr during the fall of 2017.

I build novel robotic + haptic interfaces, and design in situ interaction with ubiquitous robots.

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Interaction with Ubiquitous Robots

A person stretching arm to control a swarm of robots

User-defined Swarm Robot Control
Lawrence H. Kim, Daniel Drew, Veronika Domova, Sean Follmer

CHI 2020 | Best Paper Honorable Mention Best Paper Honorable Mention Icon

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Robots pushing on forearm

SwarmHaptics: Haptic Display with Swarm Robots
Lawrence H. Kim, Sean Follmer

CHI 2019 | Best Paper Honorable Mention Best Paper Honorable Mention Icon

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Plane assembled by robots

Robotic Assembly of Haptic Proxy Objects for Tangible Interaction and Virtual Reality
Yiwei Zhao, Lawrence H. Kim, Mathieu Le Goc, Sean Follmer

ISS 2017

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robots moving toward a mobile phone

UbiSwarm: Ubiquitous Robotic Interfaces and Investigation of Abstract Motion as a Display
Lawrence H. Kim, Sean Follmer

IMWUT 2017

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Zooids: Building Blocks for Swarm User Interfaces
Mathieu Le Goc, Lawrence H. Kim, Ali Parsaei, Jean-Daniel Fekete, Pierre Dragicevic, Sean Follmer

UIST 2016 | Best Paper Award Best Paper Icon

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Haptic Interfaces

a row of VPS taxels

VPS Display: Tactile Information Transfer through Vibration, Pressure, and Shear
Lawrence H. Kim, Pablo Castillo, Sean Follmer, Ali Israr

IMWUT 2019

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finger placed on haptic edge display

Haptic Edge Display for Mobile Tactile Interaction
Sungjune Jang, Lawrence H. Kim, Kesler Tanner, Hiroshi Ishii, Sean Follmer

CHI 2016

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three circles showing two operators and one operating tool

Design and evaluation of a trilateral shared-control architecture for teleoperated training robots
Kamran Shamaei, Lawrence H. Kim, Allison M. Okamura

EMBC 2015

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two pictures each showing different types of tool misalignment

Effects of Master-Slave Tool Misalignment in a Teleoperated Surgical Robot
Lawrence H. Kim, Clifford Bargar, Yuhang Che, Allison M. Okamura

ICRA 2015

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Open-Source Project

Zooids Github

Build your own swarm of robots


Lawrence Kim

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